Monthélie 1er Cru "Les Duresses" 2004, Domaine Parent

Nostrils at the ready... these fine hounds would wipe the floor with the Masters of Wine (if only they could read, write and speak). Alas we can not impute such skills to these wonderful specimens. I hope the wine-maker M. Parent (who also vinifies the wines from his wife's (A-F Gros) vineyards) is not offended by this novel association of black dogs and pinot noir. This Monthélie 2004 demonstrates yet again the superlative vineyard management, grape selection and terroir-focused vinification of this domaine. Fresh blueberries spring out of the glass, vanilla, white pepper and a soupçon of cherry. Fresh and ripe berry fruit on the palate with good attack. Another interesting Monthélie which is different from all the others!


  1. This totally reminds me I put the botle of Chardonnay in the freezer an hour ago - must be ready by now.


  2. Hi Jannie if the chardonnay is too cold just decant it and put the decanter in the microwave for 60 seconds -- on 270 megawatts of course!


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