Mâcon-Vinzelles 2006, Cave des Grands Crus Blancs

The Maconnais is a tremendous region: wonderful hills with views of the Alps, excellent restaurants such as the Château d'Igé (the most flavoursome, juicy wood pigeon of all time), great monastic wine-making communities such as Cluny and the delightful wines of Pouilly which can from time to time challenge the Côte d'Or whites. Crashing back to earth is this anonymous Mâcon-villages wine from the commune of Vinzelles. There is a giveaway on the label. A wine producer called, "Cave des Grands Crus de...." is like a country called, "Democratic People's Republic of....". Oxymorons abound. Synthetic peach and unidentifable "tropical" aromas hand the baton to a big juicy wine with a harsh finish. Imbibe, forgive and forget.


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