Grands-Echezeaux 1997, Desaunay-Bissey

The remarkable thing about Burgundy is that no matter how much time one dedicates to tasting the wines, there is always the possiblity that a previously unheard of grand cru producer can suddenly pop up from nowhere. The Desaunay-Bissey domaine is a mystery to me although it is served at the reliable Au Clos Napoléon in Fixin. Richard Chan, of Vintners Group fame, provides the following tasting notes: The nose is amazing! I can just sniff it for the whole night. Gamey and fruity with equal weight, similar balance between masculine and feminine qualities, the fabulous mid palate has so much complexity from dark fruit to cola to rosemary which just keeps unfolding layer by layer. The acidity helps to maintain the freshness of the wine. Bravo! [Ok! Ok! So you liked it.]


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