Beaune 1er Cru "Les Teurons" 2001, Paul Pernot

This domaine features from time-to-time in the Guide Hachette's roll-call of the best Burgundy wines. I should say however that 'Le Guide' covers the top quartile of Burgundies but often misses out the top 2% such as Dugat-Py, Armand Rousseau and Jean Grivot.

This Beaune announces its evolved nature with a strawberry brick-red colour. The nose disappoints a little with its too-fragrant rather than potent, chalky, balsa wood, red currant, juniper and raspberry hair nose. But on the palate -- boy is this something! Gorgeous sweet saturated berry fruit dominated by alpine wild strawberries, pressed furry edelweiss petals and redcurrant syrup. Due to its sweet flavour a delightful companion to the pork, curried mango and chilly noodles served at the famous Priory Road **Michelin restuarant in north west London.


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