Saint-Romain "Sous le Château" 2005, Christophe Violot-Guillemard

Perched on the edge of the hautes-côtes, Saint-Romain's wines have an enlivening freshness. The appellation is a risky bet in rainy years like 2000 and 2004 and a sure bet in sunny years like 2003 and 2005. I often find that red Saint-Romain fits into the "cheeky little wine" category due to its fruity, tangy and mischievous characteristics. Have we found the Babs Windsor of the Côte d'Or?

This fresh and fruity Saint-Romain 2005 is perfect for a warm July afternoon in Place de la Sorbonne, Paris. A bright cherry and red currant colour, delicious raspberry and vanilla aromas, followed by the delicate, carefully selected berries one finds on a Maison Blanc tarte aux fruits. The Violot-Guillemard domaine, based in Pommard, has a vast range of wines from more esteemed vineyards. Always good to see they make the effort with their lesser appellations.


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