Gevrey-Chambertin 2001, Dupont-Tisserandot

I tasted at this reasonably-priced domaine back in May 2006. I have never enjoyed tasting in concrete-floored wine making rooms and this may have put me off the wines. Luckily my taster-in-crime Peter was blethering nonsensical inanities through tannin-encrusted teeth and bought several cases by mistake... "Fixin for 6,50 euros, I'll buy the farm!". Back on the ranch in London this turns out to have been a smart purchase. This 2001 Gevrey has a splendid black cherry, plum and cinnamon nose which is full on from the start. Excellent balance and meat on the palate, velcros of grip, tangy plum acidity and a punchy concentration. No wonder Gevrey is my top pick of the classic red Burgundy villages. The photo shows Peter and Alessandro quaffing Barolo (sorry) after an audacious and victorious attempt to chef up osso bucco and risotto milanese.


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