Meursault "Clos du Domaine" 2004, Henri Darnat

I confess to having gone off piste over the last 6 weeks and tasted the vulgar beverages of Bordeaux, Rioja, Tuscany and Verona. Not to mention Shepherd Neame Kentish ales. Such libations do not merit serious comment in this web log. My excuse? One always needs a point of comparison and I had been brainwashing my palate with Puligny and Gevrey for months. I have now come to my senses and offer a triptych of tasting notes starting with this Meursault. Lovely bright colour and the aromas leap out on a creamy lemon sponge cake note. Utterly charming. Further notes of strawberries and cream with lemon zest. Excellent soft lemon fruit reminiscent of a sorbet or limoncello. Good length and audacity. Splendid representation of the fresh and ripe 2004 vintage. According to the Burgoblog quality scale this qualifies as "not bad at all". I believe Henri Darnat is a relatively young producer (ie less than 45 years old) and I hope to try more of his wines incredibly soon.


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