Chambolle-Musigny 2003, Amiot-Servelle

Another 2003 that was lost at the back of the cellar. Delighted to be reacquainted though since Amiot-Servelle produces excellent Shambolles. I have tasted in his hobbit-like cellar/burrow a number of times and it is always an intense experience. This wine was tasted at the annual dinner of the Cambridge University Blind Wine Tasting Society which this year was hosted at Emmanuel College. A really wonderful dinner with smoked pigeon breast, Welsh lamb and some unruly cork artillery barrages. The Chambolle was a perfect match for the flavoursome meats. Amazingly it still had the backbone that many 2003s from mightier vineyards had already lost by 2007. Pure raspberry and cherry elegance. The aromas had the sweet seduction of Salome's veil before the fruit concentration goes in for the kill on the palate and serves up a potent wine on a silver platter.


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