Monthélie 1er Cru "Les Champs-Fulliot" 2003, Rémi Jobard

To my surprise, I found this Monthélie 1er cru wedged at the back of my cellar. Considering my recent tasting experience of other 2003s such as the NSG from Jean-Baptiste Bejot and the Chassagne from Hubert Lamy I realised I'd better quaff it now. Some 2003s even from very good producers show signs of secondary fermentation (fizz) in the bottle due to the lack of acidity. Rather than hold you in suspense I can say this Monthélie qualifies for a spectacular Not Bad At All! rating. A warm, thick, black cherry colour with a vibrant purple rim. Some plum, oak and a little creamy, hint of cave-aged cheese rind and final aromas of over-cooked Christmas cake. Strangley the nose is bashful rather than boasting. But the wine comes into its own on the palate -- very rich plum and black cherry fruit, blackberry, good tannins that provide backbone. Incredibly rich ripe fruits, velvety texture, a soupçon of rum-marinaded cherry on the finish, but not detracting from freshness from the usually rustic tannins. I dedicate this to my 4 readers in Greenland and their flag is shown below.


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