Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru "Les Folatières" 2006, Bachelet-Monnot

In 2006 the Bachelet-Monnot domaine picked their grapes early to preserve acidity and stop the sugar levels getting too high - the wines are nevertheless 13.5% alcohol. Just like its cousin, Les Referts, this Folatières is tangy, very bright, citrus-dominated and there is even a little nettle and dare I say it ripe gooseberry creeps in. Overall it is somewhat closed and hides some elements which will impress in the future. Needs at least until 2010 to gain weight and open out but has the matière and balance to age successfully. An impressive wine from one of the best Puligny 1er cru vineyards. Photo from June 2007.


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