Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru "Les Boudots" 2006, Etienne Grivot

Another Grivot wine designed to be left at the back of the cellar for at least a decade before opening. "Les Boudots" is a premier cru vineyard just 300m from La Tâche on the northern preiphery of the NSG appellation where it meets Vosne. The wine: full dark red colour, followed by hefty bramble and cassis fruit with an element of cooked orange. Its tannic and granite in the mouth and the fruit bushes on the nose do not seem to be growing so strongly on the palate. Definitely made for long-term ageing. This is a macho-medieval style of wine that you need to wait a long time to enjoy. No doubt Jean Sans Peur would have dared to drink early.


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