Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru "Aux Charmes" 2004, Pierre Amiot

The photo from May 2006 shows Jonathan Bevan (inventor of the renowned Bevan-Chua bottle ageing scale), Pierre Amiot, Peter Broadhurst and tucked in Jon's pocket gnasher from the Beano. This wine was tasted blind, many thanks to James for the tasting, with most tasters suggesting it was a new world pinot. Pale red, sherry colour. High-toned nose, raspberry, licorice, some sous bois, vibrant, slender impression, some vanilla and orange. Very smooth, reductive, savoury on the palate. This seems far from being a typical beefy Morey with impressive tannins and a savoury style. Gives the impression that due to ripening problems in 2004 the wine was too heavily chaptalized (sugar added during fermentation). The result is a wine that has aged much too quickly, its pleasant enough to drink, but not typical at all of the terroir. For instance compare with the Meo-Camuzet Morey 2004. This wine is Not Quite Right from a quality perspective.


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