Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru "Les Narbantons" 2002, Maurice Ecard et Fils

Peter looks cross-eyed not to say a little dishevelled compared to the more salubrious Mme Ecard in this photo from May 2006 following our tasting. Not suprising since at noon he had indulged in the 14 wine lunch at the Table d'Olivier Leflaive, followed by a tasting at Maroslavac-Leger in Puligny and another at A F Gros & Francois Parent (both vinified by M. Parent) in Pommard. Luckily for me he was driving!

Savigny could claim to have some of the most typical wines on the Cote d'Or... they always seem to be dominated by cherries. This Narbantons from one of Savigny's benchmark producers is no exception. A medium cherry/strawberry colour showing some maturity announces a nose of roast cherry, baked plum, residual oak and a combo of volatile acidity and blood orange (a great Burgundy tasting note I picked up tasting with Marco at Domaine Nicolas Potel). After this functional but largely unimpressive nose the wine comes into its own on the palate with a superb blend of great refreshing briar tannins, super cherry fruit and accompanying acidity. The finish is slightly hot and the style more Beaune than Savigny. Indeed Narbantons is a (long) javelin throw from Beaune's Les Marconnets. I thoroughly recommend Maurice Ecard's wines, they are a classic of the terroir and in a stroke of sheer brilliance the cellar door price is the same for all his wines since he only has premiers crus. A final vintage observation: yet another 2002 with excellent expression on the palate and a backwards nose...


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