Saint-Véran 2004, Daniel & Martine Barraud

The appellation controlee Saint-Veran was created in 1971 and the vineyard sits at the southern tip of Burgundy's Maconnais district. Just to the north is Pouilly-Fuisse. Many Pouilly producers, including Martine and Daniel Barraud who made this wine also make Saint-Veran.

We tasted this wine blind and some confused it with a South African or cool climate Australian chardonnay (D'oh!). Medium bright yellow colour, initial aromas of melon and mango give way to creamy salmon and baked oyster. Increasingly buttery over time with a resounding sweetcorn note, followed by fudge and pineapple. On the palate it is rich with tangy yellow stone fruits, medium acidity, good balance and a smooth texture. A pleasing wine although suprisingly sweet for a 2004. This is probably because the vines are over 40 years old resulting in more concentration. Compare with the notes for their benchmark Pouilly-Fuisse 2002.


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