Meursault "Le Limozin" 2004, A Buisson-Battault & Fils

It pays to know your As and Fs in Burgundy. There is another Meursault producer who is F. Buisson-Battault.

Pale steely yellow with a first nose of light dry oak, green apple and chalk. This fits with the profile of other zesty 2004s. The evolution is impressive even at this stage as the wine shifts gears to cruise into aromas of pear juice, heavy honey, hazel nut and brazil nut. A rough edge of amontillado sherry wafts in and out of the mix. Typical Meursault richness on the palate from baked apple and pear fruit. A good structure although the fruit and oak tannins dominate the acidity and the wine is overall savoury and heavy rather than lively. Possibly lacks the minerality and citrus edge to make it a truely fine wine like the Chateau de Meursault 2004. To my mind this is a food wine which would be well-matched with scallops and iberico ham or chicken fricassée. This scores a Quite Nice.


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