Saint-Romain "Sous la Velle" 2005, Henri & Gilles Buisson

Bushy, bushy Buisson! What are you hiding behind your bushel? I first sampled a bushy Buisson wine at Les Oenophiles in Dijon which belongs to Hotel Philippe Le Bon. Unfortunately the dining party was half-cut that night following 5 descentes de caves during the day on the Cote so the memory of the original wine is somewhat hazy not to say bushy. We weren't impressed much by the food or indeed the wine list which is bizarre given the restuarant's name. Everything is far superior at Stephane Derbord which has one Michelin star and is frequented by the Dijonnais.

Onto the wine: good vibrant yellow colour, opens on a suggestively bushy nose with elements of hawthorn bushes, single cream and white oak. Positive evolution to lemon sponge and ripe pears with the bush aromas fading away. Solid structure built on stout legs of tangy lemon/apple fruit, oak tannins, and medium to high acidity. Pretty tart for a 2005. The Henri & Gilles Buisson domaine is one of the standard bearers for the Saint-Romain appellation. In my opinion Alain Gras vinifies a better Saint-Romain.


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