Ladoix 2005, Jean-Baptiste Bejot

Ladoix is one of the unsung villages of the Cote d'Or. The village itself isn't much to speak of and it lacks the grands crus appellations that would put it on the map. Yet it is one of the few villages which makes equally good red and white wines. This Ladoix blanc "Bois de Grechons" has a convincingly full straw colour, a nose of ripe lemon, and cantaloupe melon that becomes more toasty, buttery with a hint of white pepper. On the palate ripe, fairly thick and mouth-filling. A pleasing wine and suitably bourgeois but not classy. Nevertheless Tintin's pup Milou is a fan.


  1. Great blog, and nice to have openned up the comments.

    Ladoix is what got my wife started on red wine -she was a white only before- so it has a special place in my memories...

  2. Hi Ludovic, the nice thing about Burgundy is there are many ways to get in and none to get out! I have always been impressed by Capitain-Gagnerot's white and red Ladoix. I'll taste some of his 2005 and post the tasting note. Any producers you like?

  3. I can't pretend to know much about different growers -I just like the stuff in general, try to avoid large ones such as Latour or worse, and usually go for women on the labels. They're usually good, must have a finer palate? :-)


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