Chassagne-Montrachet "Les Voillenots" 2002, Maroslavac-Leger

The photo is taken from the Cote de Beaune hill looking onto the rooftos of Chassagne. If all corks were as hard to pull as this one I'd need to give up wine-tasting. The wine was hermetically sealed and the cork bone dry suggesting the wine hadn't been able to breathe. The hue of the wine was touched by a white sediment. Initially reticent the bouquet opens to cream, fragrant lemon and vanilla yoghurt. A hint of white button mushroom marinaded in lemon. No real potency. Thick spicy lemon and mandarin fruit flavour. Tangy finish with supportive oak tannins. Points to the need for at least another 2 years in the bottle in common with other backwards 2002s. This wine isn't shining right now and is perhaps not quite right. Let me stop there before lapsing into Clive Coatesisms. The Maroslavac-Leger wines are hard to find but are generally good.


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