Chassagne-Montrachet "La Goujonne" 1999, Hubert Lamy

Back to our old friend Hubert Lamy and a Chassagne rouge 1999. The venerable Guide Hachette (some editions like this one are translated into English) scored the 1999 red Burgundy vintage at 13/20 making it the worst vintage since 1987! This is absolute madness. The wines have ripe red and black berry fruit, good firm tannins and balanced acidity. In other words a typical and good vintage with normal ageing potential.

This red Chassagne "La Goujonne" fully represents the quality of other 1999s like the Vosne-Romanee 1999 from Jacques Cacheux. The wine shows its maturity with a thick strawberry jam colour with a ferrous-earthy rim. Roast plum, black cherry, olive bread, slightly porty nose. Concludes with minerality and cooked orange. Full rustic black currant and plum flavours with solid tannins, a filled out structure, medium acidity. This wine is more about structure and oomph than elegance and is an ideal companion for game dishes in clear sauces like venison with juniper and sour cream. How did France's top wine tasters rate 1999 as 13/20?


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