Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru "La Maltroie" 1999, Michel Colin-Deleger & Fils

The Chassage Maltroie vineyard is located just down the slope from the village of Chassagne and is famed for its excellent white wines so it is interesting to taste a pinot version. The first nose was a fascinating ginger snap biscuit, followed by a waft of rhubarb, then ripe cassis and finally red currant coulis. On the palate its a little reductive with good berry flavours, softened tannins and a slightly chalky texture. A really tasty wine which has legs and maintains its potency in the glass. There are many branches of the Colin family in Chassagne. Colin-Deleger wines are available in many countries. Makes an interesting comparison with Hubert Lamy's Chassagne "La Goujonne" 1999. Yet more support for my pro-1999 Burgundy case file. Thanks to periodic contributor Daniel for the bottle.


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