Saint-Romain 2006, Alain Gras

This is the view from the Alain Gras domaine in Saint-Romain Le Haut looking down the valley towards Auxey-Duresses which is located on the other side of the hill. The vineyard in the foreground is the lieu-dit Sous la Velle. The photograph was taken in September 2007 just after the vendanges. My interest in the Saint-Romain made by Alain Gras began at La Clef de Voute in Beaune with a presse de lapereau au chablis. Vanilla, lime and grainy limestone. Gentle hints of orange blossom and ripe red apple. On the palate tangy apple, lime, and lemon fruit flavours. Good breadth. Fine grip on the finish. A hint of Mosel-like apple sourness at the end. Impressively full for a high altitude "minor" village. Good with mussels or crab pate. Interestingly open already and the bouquet with become more complex over 3 years.


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