Saint-Aubin 1er Cru "En Remilly" 2004, Domaine Amiot Guy

For those with detailed vineyard maps its an open secret that Saint-Aubin's En Remilly vineyard is just up the hill from Le Montrachet. This partly explains the top quality wines from producers like Domaine Hubert Lamy and Domaine Amiot Guy. Until the 1980s it was difficult to plant vines in the vineyard due to the large stones and even boulders spread across the fields. Since then the arrival of mobile stone smashing machinery has facilitated vineyard plantings.

Let's be clear -- this is a stonkingly fruity wine! The colour announces a full wine with its medium yellow colour and brilliant surface. On the nose it is immediately open, offering lemon and oak, ripe orange and a real deepness. Evolves quickly to nutmeg spice, honey, pineapple and an opulent character. Returns to vanilla and oak after 20 minutes aeration. On the palate this is more Pouilly-Fuisse than Cote de Beaune with huge peach, apricot and pineapple fruit. Very round and approachable with an oak tannin finish. The domaine's philosophy is to make wines in this ripe and fruity style and its a success. More on the domaine from their website: Domaine Amiot Guy


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