Saint-Aubin 1er Cru "Clos du Meix" 2005, Hubert Lamy

The usual brilliant, clean light yellow colour. Typical closed nose initially which quickly heats up in the glass to offer musk, apricot and spiced orange. Warm, potent and a big contrast compared to the same wine in 2004. Represents the warm 2005 vintage well. Final nose of nutmeg and vanilla laced with rich lemon. Gesticulating towards white truffles and a sensual-satirical John Donne sonnet in 3 years time. Rich, weighty... neigh fat apricot fruit. Medium to low acidity. A really rich flattering style similar to 1998. The photo shows Olivier Lamy, son of Hubert Lamy, waxing lyrical about his 2005s outside the domaine in May 2006.


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