Marsannay 2004, Jean & Jean-Louis Trapet

Father and son Trapet have done themselves proud with this finely made Marsannay. Situated as it is on the northern-most tip of the Cote de Nuits the pinot berries of Marsannay can sometimes lack ripeness. Not so this 2004 which is quite remarkable given the ripening problems of the vintage further south.

The colour already bodes well with its rich red hue. The nose is surprisingly backwards initially offering up sous bois and beech wood. Following this more savoury aromas of plum, chalk and wheat appear - with a waft of toasted barrels on the empty glass. The experience continues with medium acidity, tangy and slightly cheek-drying tannins, fresh cherry fruit and a hint of orange. A small triumph to vinify such a tasty wine in such a tricky pinot vintage. More on the producer from their website: Domaine Trapet.


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