Corton Grand Cru "Les Renardes" 2005, Capitain-Gagnerot

The Capitain family has owned the vines which make this grand cru since 1460 so one can expect they know how to make the wine and one is not disappointed. With a rich red colour the nose is mineral, ripe raspberry with a crumble of vanilla pods. At present the nose remains fairly bottled up and there is little evolution. Elegant poise from strong pinot (not oak) tannins, good fruit weight including fresher fruits like red currant and medium to high acidity. Excellent ageing potential and the aromas will without doubt become much more complex after 5 years of bottle evolution to offer up more spciy and gamey notes. The photo shows the hill of Corton. The Renardes vineyard is between the hill-top wood and the village on the right hand side.


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