Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru "La Combe aux Moines" 1995, Philippe Leclerc

This Gevrey had lost most of its red colour and had evolved to rusty and foxy colours. Rather than being limpid and reflective it was murky like prune juice. The nose was an interesting combination of tertiary and oxidized aromas like manzanilla sherry, rusty nails, raisins, parchment and dried orange peel. No black or red fruits present on the nose. On the palate the fruit had dissolved away and left some lonesome dry oak tannins and not much else -- like an old shed on a parched prairie. Still drinkable but probably best used to make an oeuf en meurette. A 1er Cru 1995 Gevrey should last longer than 12 years.

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