Saint-Romain 2003, Gabriel Bouchard

Tasted at Restuarant Au Grand Balcon in Beaune. Green gold colour with weight-lifter legs from the sugar not the alchohol. First nose of soft oak, which evolves to icing sugar and a vague yellow fruit aroma. On the palate the wine is rich, with crystallized pineapple and dried mango flavours. Good impact on the back-upper palate. It’s a mouthfilling wine but not long. In sum: another eccentric style from 2003 – nothing like a normal fresh and witty Saint-Romain. Only 12% alchohol but with chunky warm yellow fruits. Fascinating stuff and at its peak now. This was a half-bottle so invoking the Bevan-Chua scale the 75cl version would have another 18 months on the tasting plateau.

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