Beaune 1er Cru 2001, Domaine des Clos

This Beaune 1er cru has a medium to light red colour, suggesting tomato flesh, and shows some age on the rim. Initial aromas were of warm berry fruits, sous bois and cherry juice. After 5 minutes of aeration the bouquet shifts gears, suggesting sweetish berries, baked rhubarb and roast pheasant skin. The final notes are more floral as oak vanillins with the delicacy of a Chopin nocturne come to the fore. On the palate this is a mature and well-integrated wine resulting in a smooth texture that caresses the mid-palate. This elegance, combined with a "bonne charpente" built on tangy tannins, ripe fruit and medium acidity, means the wine will continue to evolve for another 3-4 years. Not to be sniffed at this Beaune 1er cru!

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