Savigny-les-Beaune 2003, Simon Bize

Tasted in perfect conditions this white Savigny was a light yellow colour with a wonderful reflectiveness. First nose was fairly faint vanilla and pear. This evolved to a powerful second nose of melon juice, fresh courgette, light Normandy butter, and aubergine flesh. The second nose proved to be the most interesting as the final set of aromas became more ethereal: meringue crust and Chiltern beech tree bark. On the palate this wine impresses. It is fleshy, rich and mouth-coating with a lemon and pear flavour. Reminiscent of the chunky thickness of a South African chardonnay combining freshness and fine oak tannins. This wine has an excellent combination of characteristics given the challenges of super-hot 2003. Confirms the success of cooler east and north-facing slopes in hot vintages.


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