Ladoix 1er Cru "La Micaude" 2007, Capitain-Gagnerot

Ladoix is virtually unheard of by non-Burgundy specialists. The appellation is too small to promote itself internationally. The Capitain-Gagnerot domaine has been in the village for aeons and own an impressive tableau of vineyards stretching from Clos de Vougeot, through Aloxe and Ladoix, to Pernand and Saint-Romain. This 1er Cru "La Micaude" 2007 has a very clean bright yellow colour. Fresh berries on the nose, elegant and floral. Fully ripe fruit combines well with ripe tannins to create a good structure with fresh acidity on the finish. In short, a classic fruit-driven white Burgundy which still needs 2 more years. One taster in our group complained about a lack of complexity. True, this wine is vinified for pleasure not philosophy.


  1. Please excuse the pedantry, but La Micaude is one of the Capitain-Gagnerot reds - it's also their 'monopole'. (Could you be meaning Les Hautes Mourottes, which is a white?)

    I was given one of the most generous Burgundy degustations I've yet experienced by Monsieur Capitain at this domaine a couple of months ago. The range of wines displayed both quality of fruit and distinciveness of terroir. The red Cortons (particularly Grandes Lolieres and Marechaudes) struck me as magnificent wines, which will certainly improve. I would recommend this domaine without hesitation.

    M. Capitain was also using a new kind of closure (not cork - a Guala Gs-elite, according to this article. It is said to avoid the problems of synthetic taint while allowing some ingress of oxygen.

    Thank you for this website, by the way. It's lovely, useful and well-written.

  2. Andy, many thanks for the feedback and you are right on all points about the Capitain domaine. They represent everything that is good about Burgundy -- all the way down to the vigneron's apron! I seem to have muddled up my tasting notes...

  3. Easily done after a tasting there! Their wines are so good that spitting seems almost sacrilege. I drank the sample of Corton Charlemagne. In fact, I drank someone else's too. What a wine.


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